Disneyland Photodump


Earlier this month I finally had a chance to go to Disneyland. I do not know specifically the last time I’ve been there but I can honestly say it has been at least 10 years if not more. So you can imagine how excited this big child was to head over there.


I think this is the part where most people get excited they’re at the park.


Before we got to the crazy shit we got lucky to get a last minute reservation at Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. I had something called The Outer Rim which I felt was a good choice because it just tasted like tequila


Next was the Smugglers Run ride. For those who don’t know me I am a pretty big Star Wars guy. So seeing the Millennium Falcon was pretty much my child’s dream come true. The ride itself was pretty great although I wish I got to be a pilot. Our damn pilot kept crashing that shit. Cmon man!


As a kid I used to think Its A Small World was so lame. I don’t know why it gets cooler when you get older. Maybe you just miss being that little kid.


As I was walking out of the park I heard the greatest music ever. And low and behold this guy crept around the corner (Funny story: My buddy turned this music on when we were super faded and its became a recurring joke since we were teenagers)

My one day pass was $130 though! Fuck how do people afford annual passes (though I’m thinking of copping one next year…)

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