Miss Saigon


From 2006 to 2009 I worked at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood CA. The job wasn’t well paying but I enjoyed a lot of access to watch the musicals there, built some lifelong friendships, and had an unlimited supply of bottled water at my disposal.

After not being there for close to 10 years I finally went back to see a show that’s eluded me my whole life, Miss Saigon. Knowing the history of this play being a staple of Asian American representation in the arts I was looking forward to catching it.

But damn I really felt the show was dated.

I’m not knocking the performers because their performances were impeccable. Staging was brilliant as I expected too. I just wasn’t too happy with how they portrayed the Asians of the story. The lead Kim had strong moments but I felt they mostly portrayed as weak and desperate, waiting for her white savior (Chris). The Engineer, who served as mostly comic relief, was in the end a very conniving character who beat women. I think the only real antagonist of the show was Thuy who was just some asshole guy who claimed ownership over Kim because of a arranged marriage.

I understand these stories are based on reality and these stories need an avenue to be told. I just think in the context of a musical comedy isn’t the best place for a topic so delicate to be explored.

I could express more of my thoughts about this but I’m sure there was way better articles who can better explain the problems of this show in this current era.

Anyway photodump time

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